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Talking Dog uses the open source management systems of both Nationbuilder and WordPress.

If you are looking to create a campaign, or advocate on behalf of a cause and want your audience involved, then Nationbuilder is the way to go. Versatile and mostly free, Nationbuilder allows you to keep track of the most useful details needed to help your cause, plus it’s a great fundraiser and organizer. Talking Dog can help develop that nation for you, and if you need to take it further, we will work with local support people to help figure out your unique needs.

If you’re looking to create a website that is simply talking about your organization, what we call a brochure site, then WordPress is what you need. Using  the open source content management system of WordPress, we can make a easy-to-use, simple and clean website for your organization. And we’ll make sure your staff can use it too. Having control over your website is important, and TDC makes sure you get a product that you can actually use independently.

Here are some of the websites we’ve worked on at TDC. Using WordPress, TDC takes existing templates and customizes them to suit your needs. The results are easy-to-use and affordable. Whether you need a small campaign site, or something more comprehensive that defines your non-profit, we can help.

If you want a little more, we can do that too, partnering with the best to make sure you get a custom CMS that meets your needs.

Nationbuilder sites:

Fahmy Foundation


Designed look:

Project managed/designed:

Created using WordPress: