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Don’t be afraid.

We’ll make it easier for you.

Campaign communications:

TDC has 20 years of successful campaign involvement, with all levels of government, organizations and community groups.

We all know how strict campaign deadlines, budget and timing can be. Ease your mind about targeting your vote, increasing your donations and creating attention by getting us to help.

Social Media Planning:

Social media is now a necessity for many groups, as an organizing tool or media mouthpiece. Behind every good campaign and organization is a properly managed social media system. We’ll help you get up and running on that end, setting targets for engagement, developing messaging for your campaign. We can help your staff to become well-twitterversed, so all your social media communications are done with as much care and attention as any written piece.

Media strategy:

Getting your story out at the right time and place is key to effective media relations. Doing that in an age of social media and little attention span can also be a challenge. How do you get that OpEd? How do you get on the nightly news? Or in a webstory? Those earned media hits are something we can help with. Media relations can vary based on local or international scale, employing some tactics that make work better for some and not for others and we understand that sensitivity.

Strategic communications planning:

If you need to take stock of what you are doing and what you can do to improve, we can help. We will find out what needs to be done to make your communications plan as effective as possible. But first, your organization should start with a communications audit of what you have done to date. If your organization is still on the ground and you have yet to launch it, then think about the list below as the type of information you will need for the plan.

Whether you require project-specific advice, additional staffing, or turnkey communications management, we develop focused and tailored plans with realistic goals and benchmarks for success.

We will help to:

  • Identify your goals as an organization and the objectives to meet said goals
  • Identify your audience(s)
  • Figure out a way to communicate to each audience and what you want them to do with the information you present. Who on staff will communicate the message? Will you create key messages for staff and board?
  • Help you schedule when you communicate. Having a plan for delivering your message will be more cost-effective and create better stability for your vision. Create a set of goals, benchmarks for communications. What do you want to achieve and when?
  • List your strengths and weaknesses. We can make sure you have the tools in front of you to be able to respond effectively in the media or to anyone you want to communicate your organization’s vision.
  • Take stock of all the different ways you can market your company like social media and traditional print ads.

    Keep in mind:

  • Who will deliver the message and how will you prepare them?
  • What financial and human resources are required?
  • Will you enable feedback? How will you track it?
  • How will you know if they have understood, acted on or changed as a result of the communication?
  • How will you follow up if additional communication is required?
  • Develop a list of marketing materials, from print to web.

Issues management:

We work with you to help identify problems that might put your organization at risk. We’ll develop a plan that will mobilize resources to help your organization to remain stable while confidence is being restored.  We will work with you to manage your communications in the event of disruptions, including planning and management in times of crisis.

Media conference management:

If you have a special event or announcement to make but don’t know how to get the media’s attention, then we can get it for you. Media management includes location scouting, messaging, and contacting the local media. We’ll make sure your message gets out there.

Full graphic design:

Need a billboard? No problem. Pen? Magnet? Button? See what TDC can do. Creative, award-winning designs with impact, that’s what you can expect from TDC.  If you’re looking to refresh your current look, we can provide options that will work within your means. Samples provide upon request.


If you need to update yours, or just need to establish the brand for your organization, we can help. Through a fairly pain-free consultation and design process, we’ll target your objectives visually, at a reasonable cost. You will get a set of files that you can use for many different needs and a look that communicates one.


Having a tough time trying to find the right words? You’ve come to the right (write) place. Whether you are looking to hone a speech, create fundraising pitches, bang out a press release, come up with talking points for the media or get an issue across with impact, TDC can help.

Website development:

We can help you develop a plan for a website that suits your organization’s goals, working with local Vancouver web developers. Whether it would include fundraising, mini campaigns, events, or petitions, we can work with you to help get what you need and make sure you’re able to manage it when we leave.  You don’t want to be stuck with an over-priced machine you don’t have the keys to.

If it’s a simple Nationbuider or WordPress site you need, we can do that in-house. Just email for a quote.